Saturday, September 26, 2009


*Fall officially began with the autumnal equinox September 21st.
*The G20 summit is being held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania over the weekend of September 26 as representatives from the top 20 global economies discuss the current financial situations.
*Security and safety concerns may prevent the Guantanamo Bay prison from closing by its original projected date.
*The United Nations is questioning Iran's fledgling nuclear arms development.

In Entertainment news:
*The Emmys were handed out September 20th. Amongst the winners were Mad Men for best drama series and 30 Rock for best comedy series.
*The Beautiful Life on the CW network becomes the first causality of the 2009 season, being canceled after only two episodes.

In Sports:
*While the high school, college, and professional football seasons are getting under way in earnest, Major League Baseball is entering the last week of its regular season. The National League Central's Saint Louis Cardinals are the only team as of September 26th to confirm their play off position by winning their division; although the Los Angels Dodgers, Boston Red Sox (as the American League wild card), and the New York Yankees look highly probable at this point. The remainder of the playoff picture is unconfirmed at this point.
Depending upon the outcome of the final week, the post season competition is tentatively scheduled to begin October 6.

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