Thursday, September 10, 2009


The following is the second of two posts. While this installment is more of an editorial than the previous post that looked at the President’s speech before Congress about the Health Care Reform Act, the facts are as accurate as humanly possible.

There is no doubt that Health Care, as it stands at the moment, needs to be reformed.
But there is also no question as to the fact that Democrats and Republicans do not always get along.

Case in point:
First off, the infamous heckler from the President’s address to Congress.
When Obama announced that the Health Care Reform Act would not cover illegal aliens, someone shouted the publicly inappropriate response: "You lie!"
That someone has been identified as Republican Joe Wilson of South Carolina.
Now Mister Wilson has every personal right, whether right or wrong, not to agree with or believe the President.
But last night was neither the proper time, the proper place, nor the proper manner to do so.
Although Wilson has formally apologized to the President since then, at the moment, not even his fellow Republicans want to be associated with him.

Secondly, let’s look at the Republican response to the address to Congress.
It was delivered by Louisiana Representative Charles Boustam, MD. Himself a cardiovascular surgeon.
On one hand, he does acknowledge that there are problems with the current health care insurance system, and even cites some of the ones he has had first hand experience with.
Then he turns around and disagrees with a lot of President Obama’s points to the extent that I began to wonder if he even listened to the speech before commenting.

So what’s the solution?
Whereupon both sides actually cooperate together to face and attempt to solve a dilemma.
It is possible, although the last genuine instance of bi-partisanship was post 9-11, 2001.

Now I am not saying that one party is better than another.
But if anything is to be accomplished, whether it be Health Care Reform or anything else, both sides need to work together!
There are a lot of problems facing this country, let alone the world, so does how we got to this point matter right now?
What is important now is how the situations are going to be dealt with, for the solutions are going to determine what kind of a future this country is going to have.
And personally, I hope things start get a whole lot better than they are soon!
But the only way that is ever going to happen is for both sides to forget their differences and start working together.
THAT is true bi-partisanship!
And if any Republican (or Democrat or Independent) still does not get it, just remember: the people that elected you into office are the same ones that come the next election can also vote you out!

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