Sunday, September 18, 2011


The following is an editorial.

Dear The Free Choice E-zine readers.

A few weeks ago we posted an e-mail from "A Concerned Consumer" in regards to that person's position on self-check registers at grocery stores and other retail outlets. You can find the original article here:

Since that post, we have gotten a lot of responses in regards to other concerned consumers thinking along the same lines of being worried about the future employment of cashiers in these difficult economic times.

But now it has come to our attention, courtesy of a Free Choice reader in New England, that the Big Y grocery store chain, a regional company serving that area, is now removing their self check registers!

It seems that, whether by human error or intentional misconduct, not everything that goes to those registers within the grocery store is scanned, let alone actually paid for; although it all leaves with the customer.

The continued increase in shortages is what has caused the company to make the decision. For more details on the situation, you can read the article either on the front page of the September 18, 2011 Hartford Courant, or online here:

We must admit that in our initial response to "A Concerned Consumer", your Free Choice E-zine did not foresee that possibility.
Yet Big Y's decision will result in more cashiers and baggers being on duty during the course of any given week.
We applaud the grocery store chain's decision.
After all, whenever possible, isn't it nicer to deal with a real person than a machine?

The above was an editorial.

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