Sunday, September 4, 2011


Editor-In-Chief Lee Houston, Junior here, along with Ms. Waxy Dragon and Autumn the Puppy.
Weather has certainly dominated the news this past week.
Irene ravaged the Eastern seaboard of the United States.
Katrina is in the Atlantic right now and looks like she might want to follow in her "big sister's" footsteps, although most weather forecasts right now say that won't happen.
And we also have Tropical Storm Lee in the Gulf bringing a lot of rain to the state of Louisiana before it starts working its way eastward back to the Atlantic as just a rain front.
I'm sure I'm far from the first person to complain about having a major weather system named after them, but I do have to chuckle over the fact that my "namesake" has the same bad luck with timing that I do. The few times I have ever been to Louisiana, I never manage to make it to attend Mardi Gras either.
Yet can you imagine how weather reports would be if there was more corporate sponsorship in news casts?
"Stay tuned for further coverage of the worst storm ever, Hurricane Discount Store, sponsored by Rival Retail Outlet."
That would be like Aliens Versus Predators. Who do you root for, let alone which store do you give your patronage afterwards?
But now I think I'll turn the jokes over to the professionals. Take it away ladies.
"Thanks Lee," said Autumn the Puppy. "For a comedian, you make a great Editor-In-Chief. I just want to say to all my fellow canines out there, when it comes to storms, STAY INSIDE! Everything might look fascinating, and I grant you the wind stirs up some interesting smells, but it isn't worth risking your life to sniff everything. And when you are in, make sure your Humans have flashlights so they don't step on your tail. Also, don't drink out of the fancy water dish in the bathroom! Until the lights come back on, your people can't pull that magic handle to refill it with fresh water."
"When you are buying food, make sure you get plenty of stuff that does not need to be refrigerated," adds Waxy Dragon. "I'm sure everyone knows to stock up on bottled water too. But if you're worried about your chocolate supply, just send it to me. I love chocolate. Especially the Belgosian Dark. YUM!"

Okay Waxy. That's enough.
And unfortunately, we're out of space for this weekend.
I hope everyone fared well in the storm and are getting your lives back together now.
Take care and we'll be back next weekend for more Sunday Funnies.
=The Free Choice Trio.

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