Saturday, September 10, 2011


Tomorrow: America and the world notes the tenth anniversary of the cowardly terrorist attack of September 11, 2001; that needlessly took so many innocent lives.
September is Hispanic Heritage month in the United States.

Meanwhile, amongst other events around the world this past week:
*United States President Barack Obama has announced he will seek a second term, while a field of over a dozen Republican hopefuls vie to be the Presidential candidate for their party.
*After being criticized by some of those hopefuls in a Republican debate Wednesday night, President Obama addressed Congress Thursday night about a new jobs initiative program that also included spending and tax cuts. Whether any or all of the proposal passes Congress for Obama's approval remains to be seen.
*Meanwhile, President Obama has declared a state of emergency in Texas, as wildfires continue, due to the heat wave and subsequent lack of rain experienced over the summer of 2011.
*While some portions of the Eastern seaboard saw rain from its outer feed bands, Hurricane Katia never neared the East coast of the United States to threaten those already trying to recover from Hurricane Irene.
*Scientists warn that there is too much "junk" in orbit around the Earth, and that outer space needs to be cleaned up.

*Police Story, the critically acclaimed drama that paved the way for more realistic portrayals of police officers on television, has finally made it to DVD with the release of the first season.
*ESPN has bought the rights to continue showing Monday Night Football through the 2021 season.

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