Sunday, October 30, 2011


Autumn, puppy
Hello Everybody. Autumn the Puppy here. Ms. Waxy Dragon is above me with the regularly scheduled edition, but this is a bonus installment of The Sunday Funnies.
Halloween, or Howl-o-ween as we dogs love to refer to it, is tomorrow night as I post this.
The event is when children of all ages are allowed to dress up and legally take a break from the world, at least for one night.
Because of this event, for some reason, a lot of people have been sending me pictures of their dogs dressed up for Halloween.
My question is WHY?
I appreciate the thought, but except for a good winter coat for those canines either in more extreme climates or of the thin furred set, I honestly have to agree with Jay Leno's position about dressing up pets: WHY?

Yet, since the people were nice enough to send me these images, I was polite enough to look at them, and I must admit that a few of them were actually good/practical and interesting enough to share with everyone here.
To wit:

A bunch of dogs
Here's an interesting bunch, and you can reuse the  costumes the rest of the year as rain slickers for your canine when needed.

Toto Too, the next trip

Here we see Dorothy Gale's beloved pet Toto fully prepared for their next trip to Oz.


If you must dress up your pet for Howloween, a front paws only ensemble is the best, but for Krypto the Superdog, all you really need is a small red cape tied around your collar.
Any dog would appreciate a nice small cape to keep their back dry and warm, depending upon the weather.

"As I was saying dear..."

If any canines were to be dressed up, the small, lap dog breeds are probably the best. After all, other than sitting somewhere and looking cute, what else do they really have going for them?
In any event, I'm not really sure who exactly this little one is supposed to be dressed up as, but she (he?) doesn't seem to mind, so who am I to pick a bone with their owner?
Besides, being one of the aforementioned thin fur breeds, the dog probably appreciates the extra covering.

The old sea dog

But despite my feelings on the subject, I must admit that this one was my absolute favorite. Finding the right costume for your breed is essential if getting dressed up is something your dog can't avoid.
"The Old Sea Dog" is perfect for a still picture, because I doubt that the hat stays on when moving and I hope that cigar is a fake prop because no canine in their right mind actually smokes.

Well, Waxy is above with more Halloween jokes, and one of us will be back next weekend with more Sunday Funnies.
Trick or Treat safely tomorrow night!

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