Tuesday, October 25, 2011


For those who came in late...
While the original pulp movement, so named because of the cheap paper the stories were originally printed on, had its "heyday" between the Great Depression and the end of World War 2, by no means has the genre died.
Today there are companies that remember the past, and create new adventures of not only old favorites, but of brand new characters as well.
Let's take a brief look at some of those latest efforts.

Pro Se Press continues to not only publish books, the latest previously mentioned in this e-zine being Creeping Dawn: The Rise of the Black Centipede by Chuck Miller and The Adventures of Lazarus Gray by Barry Reese, but also releases a monthly magazine as well.

Pro Se Presents # 2 (September 2011) features a double debut! The start of a brand new series entitled "The Silver Pentacle" by Nancy A. Hansen (Fortune's Pawn), but also the first adventure of a new pulp hero: John Preston Sterling in "Jupiter Games".
Meanwhile, the third issue (October 2011) features a full length novella: "The Hunter Island Adventure" by Wayne Reinagel.

Cover: Pro Se Presents #2

Advertisement for Pro Se Presents #3

Meanwhile, Bobby Nash has an interesting new novel out called Deadly Games, whereupon a convicted criminal mastermind commits suicide in prison, and then begins to get revenge upon everyone who convicted him!

Cover to Deadly Games by Bobby Nash

But as you can see by the ad below, there is a WHOLE lot more to the new pulp movement than just the few titles I've been able to mention above.

Plenty of good pulp reading available!

Different companies with a wide variety of approaches. Whatever you like.
You can't go wrong with a good book to read.
All are available via Amazon, Barnes and Noble online, Create Space, and the publishers' individual websites.

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