Saturday, October 8, 2011


This week marks the 50th anniversary of The Dick Van Dyke Show, and to celebrate, the Puzzle Corner presents a special themed quiz.

01. What fashion did Laura Petrie (Mary Tyler Moore) make popular via the series?
02. What was Laura's maiden surname?
03. Did Sally (Rose Marie) Rogers EVER get married?
04. What was Buddy (Morey Amsterdam) Sorrell's real first name on the show?
05. Which cast member later reprised their character for a guest appearance in a 1990s TV show?
06. Which cast member appeared in a memorable episode of The Twilight Zone?
07. What was Dick Van Dyke's first television work?
08. The series pilot was filmed on January 20, 1961. What other historic event occurred that day?
09. What did Van Dyke have to take a leave of absence from to film the pilot?

We'll try to avoid tripping over the ottoman ourselves and reveal all next weekend. Meanwhile, let's look inside THE ANSWERS BOX and discover the results from October 1's Puzzle Corner.

If you knew that our mystery guest was actor David Suchet, then...

At the time the question was posed, we were under the impression that Mister Suchet had appeared as Hercule Poirot in every Agatha Christie written story except the last one: Curtain!
However, while the actor hopes to film every story, we have since discovered that the following Christie/Poirot works have yet to be adapted by the BBC for filming:
The novels Dead Man's Folly (published in 1956) and Elephants Can Remember (1972), the short story collections The Big Four (1927) and The Labors of Hercule Poirot (1947), the short story "The Lemesurier Inheritance" (1923) and Black Coffee, a play featuring Poirot written by Christie that was first produced in 1930.

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