Saturday, October 1, 2011


Amongst events that have happened around the world this past week include:
*Ally forces have confirmed the death of Anwar al-Awlaki, a senior member of al-Qaeda.
*Libyan forces have surrounded Sirt, under the theory that Muammar Gaddafi might have secretly returned to his hometown to hide.
*The enrollment of Hispanic students in Alabama schools has drastically decreased since that state enacted tougher legislation against illegal immigrants.
*China has successfully launched the Tiangong 1 space laboratory as part of its new human spaceflight program.
*Civil unrest continues in Yemen and Syria.
*The former Borders book chain is now officially closed.

*DC Comics' rebooting of their superhero universe has resulted in high sales and mixed reactions depending upon the title as the company released 52 first issues in September 2011.
*The trial of Doctor Conrad Murray, accused of manslaughter in the death of performer Michael Jackson, is expected to go to the jury for a decision within the next week.
*Actor Charlie Sheen has settled his lawsuit(s) against Warner Brothers and his former show Two and a Half Men. No other details have been released on the matter.

*It came right down to the last game of the regular season for a couple of the teams, but there are now only eight teams remaining as the 2011 Major League Baseball postseason begins.
In the first round of the playoffs: the American League East champion New York Yankees face the Central division champion Detroit Tigers while the Western division champion Texas Rangers compete against the wild card holding Tampa Bay Rays.
In the National League, the Eastern division champion Philadelphia Phillies face the wild card holding Saint Louis Cardinals while the Western division champion Arizona Diamondbacks play against the Central division champion Milwaukee Brewers.
The first round is a five game series, with the winners facing off against each other in the second round to determine who will represent each side in the World Series to be held later this month.

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