Saturday, November 26, 2011


Amongst the events that have happened around the world this past week include:

*While no sales figures have been tallied or revealed yet, there unfortunately once again have been reports of scattered violence at various retail outlets around the United States in the wee hours of Black Friday.
*Egyptian citizens hoping for a new democracy, have forced the interim government to resign.
*Civil unrest continues in Syria.
*A bi-partisan committee of the United States Congress failed to reach an agreement on budget cut recommendations, forcing previously agreed upon cuts from the last budget discussion to automatically be enacted.
*The Berkeley California (USA) Campus Police Officers who pepper sprayed demonstrators supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement AFTER they had been arrested have been put on "administrative leave" pending further investigation of the incident.
*Scientists have announced the discovery of an orchid that blooms AT NIGHT! "Bulbophyllum Noctumum" grows off the coast of Papua New Guinea.
*NASA has launched a new automated rover vehicle to explore the surface of Mars. But expected arrival of the delivery rocket to the red planet is not until August 2012.

*If a tentative agreement becomes official, professional basketball players could take the court once more by Christmas Day 2011.
*Race car driver Tony Stewart won the 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup.

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