Sunday, December 1, 2013


An old photo, but it's still me.
Hi folks! Editor-In-Chief Lee Houston, Junior here with you today, because both Autumn the Puppy and Waxy Dragon have the Thanksgiving holiday weekend off.

Now, when my turn comes to host this feature, I'm usually at a loss in regards to figuring out what to present. But not this time!

One of the many features of our Puzzle Corner (which appears every Saturday on this website) is called The Letter Shuffle, where you take the letters of one specific word or phrase and see how many new words you can make out of it.

Not every potential candidate is viable for this game, but I have been saving some of the more humorous ones for a special occasion, and there's no time like the present!

Amongst the stars, an ASTRONOMER is also a MOON STARER!
(Astronomer = Moon Starer. Get it? Got it? Good, because if you have to explain a bit, then it might not be funny. Let's continue...)

What do THE EYES do? THEY SEE.

What was the major accomplishment of GEORGE BUSH in the 2000 United States Presidential election?
HE BUGS GORE! (A reference to the massive recount and the hanging chads in Florida.) So that makes ELECTION RESULTS... LIES, LET'S RECOUNT!

When the message is in THE MORSE CODE, HERE COME DOTS.

To some students, a DORMITORY is just a DIRTY ROOM away from home.

What does the main function of a SLOT MACHINE seem to be? CASH LOST IN ME.

Any way you do the math...

When trying to rest, SNOOZE ALARMS actually mean ALAS, NO MORE Z'S.

When THE EARTH QUAKES, you feel THAT QUEER SHAKE in the ground.


What does A DECIMAL POINT think of its position in a number? "I'M A DOT IN PLACE."

Well, I got through another one folks! But I'll have to do one more Sunday Funnies fill-in the weekend between Christmas and New Year's 2014. See you then!

Thankfully, our regular comediennes return next week for more Sunday Funnies.--lth,jr.

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