Saturday, December 7, 2013


In all honesty, there are a lot of topics we could cover this weekend. The passing of Nelson Mandela, the 100th anniversary of the crossword puzzle December 13th (although unfortunately, this forum still cannot produce interactive grids), today marking the 72nd anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor which catapulted the United States of America into World War 2.
But instead, let's take a break and start getting ready for Christmas.

It's time to put up the holiday tree, but we cannot resist having a little fun doing so.
A familiar word and/or phrase is represented by our decorating.
Do you know what it is?

While we were decorating, Christmas music was playing on the radio.
Do you know what the most (re)recorded song of all time is?

We'll reveal all next weekend, but for now, let's open up THE ANSWERS BOX that somebody left under the tree and discover the results of the November 30th Puzzle Corner.

Based upon our clue: "A team up between Jan Eliot and Rick Stromoski might be interesting, but would not create an edible menu choice" is STONE SOUP TO NUTZ, a combination of their respective comic strips Stone Soup and Soup to Nutz.

Out of the letters in the word THANKSGIVING, you can spell the following words:
A, aging, ah, akin, an, angst, as, at
gag(s), gain(s), giant(s), gas, gat(s) <old 1930's slang for guns>, gig(s), gin(s), gist, git(s) <Hillbilly slang for scram/get>, giving
hag(s), haggis <a Scottish delicacy>, hang(s), has, hat(s), having, hi <short form of "hello">, hiking, hint(s), hit(s)
I,  ink(s), in(s), inn(s), is, it, its
kin, king(s), kit(s), knight(s), knit(s), nag(s), nigh, night(s)
sag, saint, sank, sat, saving, shag <a type of carpeting>, sight, sighting, sign, signing, sink, sinking, sin, shin, shining, sit, skin, skit, snag, snit, stag, staging, stain, staining, stank, sting, stinging, stink, stinking
tag(s), tan(s), tank(s), than, thank(s), thin(s), thing(s), think(s), this, tin
vain, vat(s), visit, Viking(s), (AND) vista.
Other words besides the 117 above might be possible. But IV (the medical term) didn’t count because it’s an abbreviation. The Roman numerals II and IV are debatable, but the cuss word for human waste was not listed since this is a family oriented E-zine.

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