Sunday, December 22, 2013


Autumn the Puppy
Waxy Dragon
Puzzle Corner Christmas Tree

Editor-In-Chief Lee Houston, Junior

You have the whole gang here, gathered around the Christmas Tree The Puzzle Corner supplied to
celebrate some (non-alcoholic) good cheer as the staff attends The Free Choice E-zine's annual Christmas Party. Of course, this wouldn't be the Sunday Funnies without some humor, so please enjoy the following holiday themed jokes...

Do vegetarians wish everyone peas on Earth?

"Well Bobby," asked his aunt, "did you see Santa Claus this year?"
"No," admitted her nephew. "But I heard him yell when he stubbed his toe against the living room sofa in the dark."

Santa and his team
"We had an electric Christmas," one kid bragged to another. "I got an electric train, mom got an all new electric kitchen, and dad was shocked when he got the bill."

One woman asked another what she got in her Christmas stocking.
"Unfortunately, nothing but a run," she replied.

"Say, does Santa sleep with his beard under or above the cover?" asked Waxy.
"How should I know," replied Autumn. "I've never been to the North Pole when he's asleep."

At Christmas, everyone wants their past forgotten and their present(s) remembered.

And speaking of which, we have debated long and hard (when we weren't laughing our heads off) over what song to include with this post. So as our gift to you, take it away Gayla Peevey...

We'd like to thank You Tube for the video and our loyal readership for letting us entertain them all this time.
So whether it be Christmas, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, or whatever; enjoy the season and someone will be here next weekend with more Sunday Funnies!

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