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Okay folks, before we post this interview, The Free Choice E-zine must be honest and admit that we find ourselves with some serious egg on our faces.
This article has been waiting for publication; however, no one connected with the publisher ever notified us that the featured book: Traumatized: The Special Edition had ever been released.
Upon our recent discovery of this fact, with a few slight adjustments to reflect the passage of time, we have rushed this post to presentation.
Alexander S. Brown
Again, our sincerest apologies to the author.—tfce.

From Pro Se Press
The Free Choice E-zine is proud to have with us today Alexander S. Brown to talk about his latest work, Traumatized.

ALEXANDER S. BROWN: Pro Se Press published my short story collection as a special edition, with illustrations accompanying each story. Traumatized is a collection that begins with a PG rating and the further you read into the volume, the more grotesque each story becomes. There will be other volumes following the same presentation format, since each of them will have a New Pulp feel to the work.

TFCE: You are far from the first person to use that term, and definitions seem to vary, but what is New Pulp to you?
ALEX: New Pulp is modernizing pieces that masters such as H.P. Lovecraft originally gave us. Over time, I am seeing more and more pulp pieces evolve into greater extremes than what has previously been created.

TFCE: Since you’ve mentioned Lovecraft, I’m assuming you’re a horror fan, so why do you write it?
ALEX: It’s a release. I have always enjoyed the horror genre. A great deal of horror has a political message to it and that is something that I enjoy incorporating into my work. If you read my work as simply a story, you will enjoy the story. If you read it as something more, then you will likely catch the metaphor that the story represents.

TFCE: From what do you draw your inspiration to write?
ALEX: I am literally inspired by everything. From real life to folklore, I am inspired every day.

TFCE: And have there been any influences upon your style and technique?
ALEX: Definitely the authors that I read growing up—mostly Stephen King and Clive Barker.

TFCE: Every author has a dream project, so yours is…?
ALEX: To write a steam punk series based on my detective Xavier Hess. Hess has appeared in the Dreams of Steam books and Clockwork Spells and Magical Bells.

TFCE: Where do you foresee yourself within the next few years?
ALEX: I see myself being a full-time author.
Dark Oak Press has published my novel Syrenthia Falls. Seventh Star Press has released my sequel to Southern Haunts; and Pro Se has published some of my vintage Halloween stories as single shots under the series title The Night the Jack O’ Lantern Went Out. I also have stories in the anthologies Luna’s Children and Capes and Clockwork, both published by Dark Oak Press.

TFCE: Good luck with all of them and your future projects.
ALEX: Thanks for having me.

Alexander S. Brown maintains an author's page on Amazon, where all his creative works can be found.
http://www.amazon.com/Alexander-S. Brown/e/B002UN7ZHQ/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1

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