Sunday, September 4, 2016


Hello Everybody! Editor-In-Chief Lee Houston, Junior here.
Now, with this being the Labor Day weekend here in America, it was planned long ago that I would try to amuse you because both Autumn the Puppy and Waxy Dragon have the holiday weekend off to be with their families.
What WASN'T planned when those arrangements were made was the fact that this edition of The Sunday Funnies is our 1700th Blogger Post!

You can read more about The Free Choice E-zine's history in the ABOUT US sidebar on the left, but for now, let's get to the fun and celebrate with the humorous photos I was going to post today.

At left, proof that even cowboys get thirsty. I know no establishment with a drive-thru window likes "walk ups", but obviously they couldn't find grounds to complain about this man's arrangements.

Then again, maybe the horse might have something to say on the subject.
Below, two examples proving that some people still believe in the phrase "Truth in advertising."

The image on the right is for those who also believe Pluto should regain its status as a planet of our solar system, while the picture below demonstrates the differences dialect can cause.

The sign on the left demonstrates that while having an addiction to something is a serious situation, it is nice to know that many can be cured.

You can debate the merits of these two classic rock and roll songs for yourselves like this meme below does.

And on that note ♫, have a great week everybody.
Try not to work too hard and please be back here again next weekend for more Sunday Funnies!—lh,jr.

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