Sunday, February 18, 2018


Humor WITHOUT an agenda
Hello Everybody! Waxy Dragon here!
When preparing today's column, I had two possible topics to choose from. Funny bumper stickers or jokes about Presidents since tomorrow is Presidents' Day here in America.
I went with "Bumper Snickers" for two reasons.
1. The Sunday Funnies is supposed to be a fun place and not a political arena.
2. Making jokes about the current administration would have been way too easy.
So let's look at some vehicle rears instead of politician's rears, shall we?

I chose a road less traveled. Now where am I?

I believe in Dragons, Good Human Beings, and other fantasy creatures.

Just when you thought you were winning the rat race, along come faster rats!

If love is blind, why is so much of it still based upon looks?

I AM A GOOD HOUSEKEEPER! My house was clean last week. Sorry you missed it.

Obey Gravity. It's the law!

Watch out for the idiot behind me!

I believe in a better world, I just wish I knew where it was.

Help keep Earth clean! It's the only planet we've got!

If you can read this, you had someone who cared about your education!

And on that note♫

and please be back here again next weekend for more Sunday Funnies.—wd.

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