Sunday, February 4, 2018


This "puppy" has her own bowl!
Why are there no dragons in football???
Hello Everybody!
Today you have both Autumn the Puppy AND Waxy Dragon here as we take a look at the final football game of the 2017-2018 season, also known as the “Big Bowl”.

Of course, the quotes are because since The Free Choice E-zine is not an official $pon$or of the game, we don’t have the legal right to use the actual title. But then again, how come they don’t put some free food in that bowl and offer it to the fans? Even if you’re just at a restaurant or pub watching the game, you know how high prices are at one of those events.

That’s true Waxy, but what gets me is how they can call something “Super” when the original competition was limited. For football, since what we call soccer is something completely different outside the United States, there were only the American teams competing to see who got into the playoffs, let alone earned the right to face each other in the final showdown.

I agree Autumn. I mean, as great as the World Series is at the end of every season of Major League Baseball, only teams from that organization are competing. You don’t see any baseball teams from other countries at that event. And the annual Miss Universe Beauty Pageant? The only contestants that ever show up are all from Earth! None of the other planets ever send representatives to compete.

Then again Waxy, a lot of people nowadays are just watching “The Big Game” for only the
commercials and the half-time show. Those are usually pretty entertaining.

But why do they call it the half-time show when the performance is only about 10 minutes long at most? The game itself seems to last for hours, and from what I hear, most of them in the past have had a clear winner before half-time. So why play the rest of the game at all? Let alone the previous 51 of these things?

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For the money Waxy. For the money. That reminds me of a joke.
A guy took his girlfriend to her first football game, and they got great seats right behind their team.
After the game, he asked her what she thought and the girlfriend replied, “I don’t understand why they were trying to kill each other over 25 cents.”
The guy was totally confused at that comment, and asked his girlfriend what she meant.
The lady went on to explain, “Well, they flipped a coin at the start. The other team got it, and then for the rest of the game both sides kept screaming at each other ‘GET THE QUARTER BACK!’”

Well, it’s clear to me that a puppy and a baby companion dragon certainly don’t understand the game of football. But before we go, let’s enjoy the thoughts of someone else who never quite comprehended the game either as we share our annual presentation of Andy Griffith’s “What It Was, Was Football”, accompanied with the illustrations from the Mad magazine adaptation by George Woodbridge, courtesy of YouTube. (And remember, we didn't create the video or the material within, we're only sharing it with our fans.)

And on that note♫, have a great week everybody. Hope the better team won, whoever that is, and one of us will be here next weekend for more Sunday Funnies!—AtP & WD.

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