Sunday, July 21, 2019


Scaled for protection
Hello Everybody! Waxy Dragon here!
Now folks, I may be a baby dragon, but even I know that Climate Change is real, a serious issue facing this world, and that heat exhaustion, let alone heat stroke and other serious conditions are no laughing matter.

I'm walking a fine tightrope here, which is easy because I have wings and I can fly, talking about this at all because this is The Sunday Funnies and not some political forum.

But because this is Sunday and my mother taught me to laugh in the face of adversity before I punch it in the mouth...


That the cows🐮 are giving powdered milk!

That farmers are feeding ice to the chickens🐔 so they won’t lay boiled eggs.🐣
That you can poach eggs in a pool.
That chickens are laying omelettes.
But I do hope you are protecting your pets and livestock as well as yourself.

That my kite crashed and burned.

That corn on the stalks starts popping.

That I saw squirrels picking up nuts with pot holders before the birds borrow the pot holders to pull worms from the ground.
Then again, the worms are already like overcooked spaghetti...

That even Mister Heat Miser (from the Rankin Bass holiday special The Year Without A Santa Claus) is miserable.

That the car overheats before you start it.

That I saw a fire hydrant chasing a dog.

That the air conditioners are demanding air conditioning!

That all the bread products in stores are toast.

That my thermometer goes up to “I’m not kidding!” before saying things I can't repeat in a public forum.

That people are using Celsius instead of Fahrenheit just to have a lower number!

That the only waves at the beach were heat waves.

"That I saw Flash chasing the Mirror Master and they were both walking!"—Cary Bates, Action Comics #442 (December 1974)

Folks, we laugh because we can, but change is a MUST!
How long can something be denied before realizing you were wrong?
By then it might be too late!

The Sunday Funnies will return next weekend, weather permitting.

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