Sunday, September 29, 2019


"I'm a dragon, not a maid!"
Waxy's conception of "Bubblehead"
Hello Everybody! Waxy Dragon here!
That mean ol' Bubblehead, the human I live with, says I can't go out and play until I clean my room.
I have absolutely no idea why I have to clean my room again. I just did it back in March!
Anyway, while I'm stuck doing this doesn't mean we can't have some fun, especially when I post stuff I've found in the special comedy file Bubblehead keeps.

Bubblehead's special comedy file.

You know it's a tough winter when you see a scene like the one on the right!

On the right is a wooden tea pot Bubblehead is working on in his wood workshop.
I have absolutely no idea what wooden tea tastes like though.

Below is an oldie but a goodie. Doubt that trick would work at a beach though.

♫Mister Sandman...♫

Speaking of beaches, I'd love to be on one right now, just basking in the hot sun.
Hey, I maybe a baby compared to the larger ones, but I'm still a dragon. Us reptiles can do stuff like that safely.

Is this legit?
With all the other stuff happening in the world, is the image on the right something to be truly worried about?

Can't we all just get along?

After saving the environment, on the right is a protest sign I can really support!

Guess what folks?
My room is clean! Now I can go outside and play!
Wait a second.
Bubblehead is saying no I can't because it's already sunset and tomorrow's a school day!
Well, I hope you all have a great week and please be back here again next weekend for more Sunday Funnies!—wd.

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