Wednesday, February 5, 2020



Truthfully, this is one editorial that I hoped would not have to be written.
On February 5, 2020 the world has witnessed one of, if not the biggest example of a gross miscarriage of justice in the 21st Century as the Republican Party controlled Senate voted to acquit fellow Republican President Donald Trump on all pending Impeachment charges!

Now, let's backtrack for a couple of moments and look at this rationally.

While the House of Representatives is currently a Democratic majority, they gathered evidence and listened to witness testimony before leveling two charges of potential Impeachment against the President.
1. Abuse of Power.
2. Obstruction of Congress (for interfering with their investigation)

Both accusations stemmed from Trump attempting to withhold foreign aid from the Ukraine unless they would investigate Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden.

Although the first is FAR more serious than the second, neither could be taken lightly, and weren't by the House who continued their investigation, gathering even MORE evidence to support and prove said charges even after officially leveling/filing them.

However, it is the Senate's responsibility to actually conduct the trial, which brings us back to the present, for Senate Majority Leader and fellow Republican Mitch McConnell (among other things) refused to allow any witnesses to testify against the President!


A lot can and probably will be said on the subject in the days and weeks to come.
But first and foremost: although some will naturally be angry and upset over the verdict: violence is NOT the answer!
Yet there is one thing that the parties, the lobbyists, the career politicians, and even the President himself have all forgotten, or at least ignored over time.

In the end, it is not them who hold the power, but WE THE PEOPLE!
That's right folks!
Whether by honest votes or outside interference, every member of Congress and the President was ELECTED into office and they can be voted OUT of office too!

Between the primaries this Spring and the main election on November 3 we can get fresh people in Washington who might actually accomplish something positive for the future rather than for themselves and their "sponsors".

After all, do you really want your children and all the generations to come growing up thinking that their voice and vote, let alone justice, don't matter any more?


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