Sunday, August 2, 2009


Good day folks! Ms. Waxy Dragon here on the first (Inter)National "Don't Worry" Day with some jokes for everyone to kick back and relax with.

One day at school, little Max was talking to his best friend. “David, have you heard the joke about the garbage truck?”
“No I haven’t,” replied David.
"Don't worry,” said Max, “it's only a load of rubbish."

Why don't mummies take vacations? They're too afraid to relax and unwind.

Doctor, Doctor, I've just swallowed a clock!
Don't worry: there's no cause for alarm.

Doctor, something is seriously wrong with me. Some days I feel like a tee-pee and other days I feel like a wig-wam.
Relax! You're just two tents.

Do you think we should swim here? I heard there were crocodiles.
Don't worry, the sharks scared them away.

While all the above were told in jest, stress is not healthy for you, whether you're human or dragon. It can lead to high blood pressure, a possible stroke, or worse.
Hence, starting an annual "Don't Worry!" Day.
After all, if Mad magazine can initiate National Gorilla Suit Day...

Take it easy everybody, and I'll see you next Sunday for more SUNDAY FUNNIES.

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