Sunday, August 2, 2009


Welcome to the first (Inter)National "Don't Worry!" Day!
The Free Choice e-zine decided to initiate this annual event to try and promote self awareness as to the hazards of stress upon the human body.
Unfortunately, I can speak from personal experience in regards to that, for I do suffer from high blood pressure, which led to other health problems I am dealing with.

The first Sunday of August was chosen for a couple of reasons:
1. There is not already an established holiday in this month.
2. There will be enough stress upon the horizon amongst families trying to prepare for the coming school year, especially those with students heading off to college.
3. It's the middle of summer. Memorial Day unofficially kicks off the Summer season. Labor Day unofficially ends it, with Father's Day in June and of course the Fourth of July.
4. If Mad magazine can establish National Gorilla Suit Day...

Stress, and the problems there of, have been a part of life since the dawn of time. But since the written word has come into existence, humanity has tried to deal with the situation.
Bobby McFerrin sings "Don't worry, be happy."
Douglas Adams has right on the cover of The Hitchhikers' Guide To The Galaxy "Don't Panic!" within the books.
And imagine how much a professional psychologist would be charging you by the hour for this advice!

And while the first Sunday of August will be always be (Inter)National "Day as far as The Free Choice e-zine is concerned, you should do your best to try to avoid stress, or at least minimize its effects upon you EVERY DAY!
So kick back, relax a bit, and regroup before facing life again.
For taking a break from all your worries sure would help a lot...


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