Sunday, February 20, 2022


Hello Everybody! Koda Cannine here flying solo once more, which is kind of odd considering I didn't know my dog tags were also a pilot's license.

Anyway, that's a perfect lead in for the fact that I have no specific theme for today and am just going to "wing it". Ready?

The weather's been kind of on the deep end lately around here.
Either awfully cold or cold with a lot of snow.
Definitely a #3!

Humans seem to be fickle about it.
First snow storm: “How magical.” 
Second snow storm: “Looks Pretty.”
Third snow storm: “Die snow! Die!”
I personally have no preference. I just go outside long enough to do what I need to and then come back in the house, but it is kind of fun to romp in all of that lose, powdery white stuff.
Spring and summer will be the seasons I'll want to stay outside even if you don't want me to. 😎
But if you choose not to find joy in snow, you’ll have less joy in your life but still the same amount of snow.
Of course, after they've looked out the window and seen how the weather is, most of the time the standard human response of "How to Dress for Winter" seems to be keep your pajamas on and go back to bed.

Why don’t houses clean themselves?
They seem to get dirty by themselves.
After all, whenever the question's raised "Who made this mess?", the standard reply always seems to be "NOT ME!" 😉

You should always knock on the fridge door before opening, just in case there’s a salad dressing.

Since February 21 is Presidents' Day in the US...
Have you ever noticed that Parallel Lines have so much in common?  ===========
It is so sad they will never meet.

By the end of January each year if you are very, very quiet; you can hear resolutions breaking all over the world.😲

I think I did pretty good "winging it" considering I'm not even a bird dog.
In any event take care.
Have a great week and please be back here again next weekend for more Sunday Funnies!KC.

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