Monday, August 29, 2022



I had to go grocery shopping today, so you can imagine what I found during my stop at Walmart Store #02022.

Like previously, carts in were in use but the safety issue is still where they place the pallets full of merchandise!

The pictures I took show that instead of keeping the pallets in the stock room, warehouse, loading dock or somewhere else more appropriate and work them from there; they're still being left on the selling floor.

I have no idea which button I did or did not push to create a video instead of a picture, but the first two downloads from my cellphone show that the Magazine Aisle was completely full from one in to the other.

Above, the video is of the Magazine Aisle's front. The picture is of the aisle's rear.

Once again, I must point out that I have never been nor am currently a Walmart employee. I did work in the retail industry for well over 20 years before my heart and other health problems "took me out of the game," so I do have some experience in regards to how things should be concerning store operations.
Therefore, I have absolutely NO idea what any Walmart location plans to do with a pallet of trampolines.

The other image I took on August 29 shows a stray pallet elsewhere on the selling floor with a customer walking past. If you can make it out, there is another pallet further down past the customer.

I only continue to point these situations out because of the safety issues involved.
Take the image on the right. What if any of that merchandise started to fall as he walked past? 😨

What would those connected with Walmart #02022 do then?

Lee Houston, Junior
Editor-In-Chief, The Free Choice E-zine
August 29, 2022


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