Sunday, February 5, 2023


 Hello Everybody! Piper D. Katt here!
Now cats are naturally curious by nature but despite that saying some of you humans have, NO feline has ever died from curiosity.
Not knowing something, maybe, but not curiosity itself.

When my humans watch television and I'm in the room, I'll see what's on.
Can't remember the last time anyone aired a cat food commercial or anything else of feline interest, but I do think those new Electric Cars are interesting.
I just have one question about them.
How do drivers keep from getting tangled up in everyone else's extension cords?😼

When you buy a homing pigeon, and who wants a bird when they can be with a beautiful cat?
Let meow start this one again.
When you buy a homing pigeon, does everyone have a different bird or are you all buying the same bird from the same guy who just waits until it returns from the last person he sold it to before finding a new... "customer"?

Is it true that unless you're the lead dog on a sled team, the view never changes?
I wonder how much their malpractice insurance costs?

If the Earth🌎 is really flat like some people falsely claim it is, how can those same people complain that they're going down hill after they turn 40?
Besides, if the Earth WAS flat, us cats would have pushed everything off the edges by now. 😼

If sheep🐑 wore swimsuits, would they be Lamb Bikinis?

If you have a Mercedes Benz, maybe you should have waited an hour after eating before you went swimming.

My people stayed up late to watch a bunch of movies on DVDs last night.
I'm surprised anything fits on one of those discs.
While the colors are pretty, the darn things are no bigger than the average size can of cat food.

Speaking of which, where's my dinner?
So on that note♫ take care.
And please join me next weekend with Koda Canine as we celebrate both the Super Bowl🏈 (now there's a food dish worthy of a cat!) and Valentine's Day on the Sunday Funnies!PDK.

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