Monday, June 12, 2023


 For those who follow my writing blog, I have been working on a new novel series and the first book has just been released by Airship 27! 😁

Cover by Ted Hammond
Jesse Frost was a rising star in the world wide conglomerate known as Megaplex until he accidentally stumbled upon one of their deep dark secrets.
Though unable to contact the authorities before he's assassinated, Frost desperately reached out for help.
While too late to save an innocent man, his warning initiates a page turning action packed thrill-a-minute adventure that leads from New York to Japan and finally the desert outback of Australia as the Clandestine Crusader some only know as SOLITAIRE tries to stop a global communications takeover and bring a murderer to justice.

In his press release, Airship 27 Captain Ron Fortier wrote: "Lee Houston Jr. offers up a brand new pulp hero that will soon have readers mesmerized. Solitaire’s debut appearance is a welcome addition to the role of new modern day avengers." High praise indeed.
Bordell's rough sketch of camouflage suit
Artist Chuck Bordell provided the interior illustrations while Pulp Factory Award Winner Ted Hammond contributed the beautiful cover to accompany the prose of this humble writer/creator, who is hard at work on SOLITAIRE 2: THE AGENDA, the second novel in the Mysterious Samaritan's new on-going series.


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