Sunday, December 10, 2023


 Hello Everybody! Piper D. Katt here!
I don't know about things where you are, but it's been raining like crazy here since the first time I got up today.
The weather's making me so stir crazy, as you can see by the candid photo my people took, I'm afraid I got into a little mischief this afternoon but don't worry. My lawyer says we can get the photo thrown out of court as evidence since I never consented to have my picture taken.😼

In any event, I'm safe and dry within my people's house.
I'm sure all this rain will help the plants, trees and future gardens, but the man of the house is already complaining about the potential weeds next year and how he'll need a new riding lawn mower, to which his wife just rolls her eyes and goes back to the book she's reading.
Not that there's anything wrong with his old lawn mower, except for the fact that he has to push it around to cut any grass.

Since I'm not allowed outside to begin with, I have no idea what all the fuss is about.
No matter how much you mow, the grass will just grow back again, so why bother?
Of course they claim if you give a weed an inch, it will take a yard.
Purrsonally, I'm still trying to figure out who "they" are.

You know you've had too much coffee if you can thread a sewing machine while it's still running!

Gravity is the most fundamental force in the universe.
If you take it away, you have nothing left but gravy.

If they ever totally perfect self driving vehicles, will there come a day when we hear country songs about a man's pick up truck driving away with his dog, never to return?

During the late, late movie last night (or was that early this morning?) there was a commercial for a psychic claiming that they could change the viewer's life for the better.
If a psychic is able to see and know all, why don't they change their own lives for the better?
Then they could retire early and never have to work again.

Friendly reminder.
If you're stuck at work, hitting the Escape key on your computer won't help.

So on that note♪, take care.
Have a great week and please be back next weekend when Koda Canine and I host our annual Christmas Party on the Sunday Funnies!PDK.

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