Monday, February 9, 2009


Dear Readers:

February is National Heart Health month. Kind of appropriate with Valentine's Day on the 14th.
I could post a lot of information and/or statistics surrounding cardiac care, but in this case I will get right to the point.

If you do not know the current state of your heart's health, HAVE IT CHECKED OUT!

Yours truly is over eight years beyond the initial onslaught of congestive heart failure and a year past the operation that saved me from an aortic aneurysm.
Granted, in the eyes of some I am not living as physically active a lifestyle as I once was, but I am still here!

I have been watching my sodium intake and my sugar levels, for although I am not diabetic, some heart patients do have a risk of becoming so. Diet, exercise, and prescriptions come with the territory, but let's be honest with each other. All the preceding situations may seem like hassles, but they beat the alternative!

So please, get your heart a physical! Y
After all, if I could find the guts to share the above...

Lee Houston, Junior
Editor-In-Chief: News, The Free Choice e-zine

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