Saturday, February 21, 2009


Well it's been quite a busy week in the United States government.
With the Stimulus Bill signed into law on Tuesday, President Barack Obama says middle and lower American workers should see a difference in the paychecks by April as the weekly income tax deductions are reduced.
Meanwhile the President is working to cut Federal spending and is looking into taxing the Upper/Wealthy class.

The NAACP is calling for the firing of the New York Post editorial cartoonist who drew a picture of a dead chimpanzee with the caption that someone else would have to write the next stimulus bill. In a possibly related story, the Connecticut woman who was severely mauled by a chimpanzee is now at an undisclosed hospital in Ohio getting more specialized treatment. No word on what her friends and family think of the NY Post editorial cartoon.

Mike Myers and his 2008 movie The Love Guru took home the top (dis)honors at the annual Razzies. The Raspberry awards given for the worst movies of the past year the night before the annual Oscar ceremony.
And Major League Baseball is looking into the latest steroid allegations as both the investigation surrounding Alex Rodriguez and the on going trial of Barry Bonds continue.

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