Sunday, February 8, 2009


Sometimes folks, I honestly don't know where my mind wanders, but for those concerned: yes, it is big enough to be out on its own!
After I saw this image elsewhere on the Internet:
moose ice sculpture quickly wandered off and came back with the following.

Natasha: "Oh Boris, you are so clever!"
Boris: "I know."
Natasha: "New Freeze gun you built vorks very quickly."
Boris: "I know," he said, while actually blushing at the compliment.
Natasha: "Moose-sickle looks vonderful. But vhat makes you think this plan vill vork and ve get frozen squirrel-sickle too?"
Boris: "With our batting average, we've got to get lucky at least once during this series, don't we? But be quiet and hide. I think I hear squirrel zooming in now. Provided he does not know about our new nefarious plot soon we will have matching set of ice sculptures!"
Narrator: "Boris was right. Rocky was flying quickly onto the scene. But little did our fiendish duo know that Rocky was already on to their nefarious plot and knew exactly what to do to save his friend."
Natasha: "Boris. Did you hear vhat Narrator said?"
Boris: "Natasha. Be quiet. I'm trying to hear what the Narrator is saying."
Narrator: "Flying as fast as he could, our brave hero zooms around his frozen friend so fast that the heat friction melted all the ice, freeing the imprisoned moose, who runs as fast as he can, following his best pal to the tropics, where they will rest and warm up till our next episode."
Boris: "Drat! Drat! Drat!"
Natasha: "Boris, calm down."
Boris: "I can't Natasha. Not only does latest fiendish plan fail, but censors still will not let me say anything nastier than 'Drat" despite fact it's 2009!"
Natasha: "Boris. Please stop tantrum long enough to put freeze gun down. Boris, vatch vere you are pointing that thing! Boris, I--"
Narrator: "Too late. But don't worry folks, they will thaw out in time for our next episode. So be here next time for The Big Chill or There's No Business Like Snow Business."

Rocky, Bullwinkle, Boris Badenov, and his femme fatale Natasha are all copyrighted by Jay Ward Productions and much beloved by this writer.

Meanwhile our resident comedienne Ms. Waxy Dragon, the three year old baby dragon avatar of an avid Internet user, is so busy laughing her head off at the above skit that she will be back next week with more Sunday Funnies.

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