Saturday, January 2, 2010


Hello Everybody! Welcome to a New Year, and let's take a brief look at what has happened over the past week.

*Another winter storm bears down upon the New England area of the United States. Residents in those areas are advised to take appropriate precautions.
*Besides Health Care Reform, President Barack Obama will be addressing the economy and the job/(un)employment situation within the coming weeks.
*In the wake of the December incident on board a flight from Nigeria to Detroit, Homeland Security procedures are getting a serious review.
*An Antarctic expedition thinks it has found the remains of the first airplane ever flown to that frozen continent by early explorer Douglas Mawson.
*An autopsy is still underway in the recent death of actress Brittany Murphy, with no apparent cause for her passing immediately evident.
*Subscribers of the Time-Warner Cable system can breathe a sigh of relief as that provider has reached an agreement with Fox Broadcasting. But it should be noted that the main FOX network channel was never in danger of being dropped, for that is on the Federal Communication Commission's must carry list. It was agreeing on a new contract concerning the other channels (Fox News, Fox Sports, etc.) that was at the center of the debate.

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