Thursday, January 7, 2010


An editorial.

Dear Readers:
With a new year comes new issues, or at least there are new people reasking previous questions.
Therefore, the following is a position paper on several topics of concern to readers of The Free Choice E-zine.

The Free Choice E-zine as an entity believes that any news source should only report the news and not be an active part of it. Therefore, while we try to stay neutral on topics, if necessary: editorials will be posted. Those are strictly the personal opinions of the staff and management of this e-zine, and are labeled accordingly. Opposing views are welcomed and will be posted if the writer so desires, provided they follow the rules of polite conduct as posted in the "WELCOME EVERYBODY" greeting, found in the left hand area of your screen.

The Free Choice E-zine is all for the basic concept of Health Care Reform, for we doubt there is any one out there that can say that the current medical insurance system is working perfectly just as it is.
But while we have our concerns just like everyone else as to the details and specifics of what a Health Care Reform Act will and will not cover, it is our duty to keep pointing out all the events and inaccuracies involved in the topic.
Where things stand at the moment: the House of Representatives and the Senate have both passed their respective versions of what they think a Health Care Reform Act should be. Now it is up to Congress to unify both editions into one coherent bill to present to President Barack Obama for consideration.
In a televised address back in September 2009, the President himself said that he would not sign any measure that seriously increased the national debt or hurt Social Security and/or Medicare.
Yet those against the measure seem to have forgotten this, and hope the public has too as they continue to rally against Health Care Reform. And it is our continued opinion that if one could gather all the money spent thus far on opposing Health Care Reform, it could have been spent more wisely on something more important, like fixing the Health Care System to begin with!
For more accurate and current information, just go to or any reputable news source.

The Free Choice E-zine's position on this topic is basically the same as that stated IN GENERAL.
But we do encourage everyone to pay attention to what is going on in the world around them. To be informed, intelligent voters as much as humanly possible, and to go vote in EVERY election, even if it seems "trivial", like the upcoming 2010 primaries.
It should be noted that several Democratic incumbents have decided to retire at the end of their current terms, most of which come up for reelection this year.
While it is no surprise that the GOP/Republican party is chomping at the bit in hopes of taking advantage of this situation, the current campaign statement that the incumbents are retiring because they are fed up with the current administration is inaccurate.

If the readers have any more questions, we will be glad to answer them. Just e-mail our Editor-In-Chief Lee Houston, Junior at

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