Friday, January 15, 2010


An Editorial.

So now after all the hullabaloo of the past, including declining to answer questions while appearing before a Congressional inquiry, Mark McGwire has decided to come clean (so to speak) and admits that he did take steroids and human growth hormone during his professional baseball career. Even during the fabled single season home run record chase of 1998 against Sammy Sosa to beat the previous record set by Roger Maris.

There was much speculation in the past about the possibility, including the assumption that McGwire was taking substances that were not officially banned by the Major League Baseball Commission at the time, and thus were not screened for during any drug test, provided any were even administered to McGwire during his home run pursuit.

The only reason these confessions have been made is because Mark McGwire is now a batting coach for his former team the Saint Louis Cardinals and their manager Tony La Russa, who "dreams" that McGwire might be considered a potential pinch hitter in any possible post-season games.

Well we of The Free Choice E-zine, long time baseball fans all, say NO WAY!

Mark McGwire (and others) have tarnished the image of professional baseball with the steroids scandal for years on end. He has officially retired from baseball, and while there is nothing to keep him from being on the administrative/coaching end of any team, there should be no post-season opportunities for him.
And it is the long held opinion of this establishment that ANY player who can not play clean and earn any achievements honestly should be totally stripped of those "rewards"; which in this case would also include taking the single season home run record away from Mark McGwire, if Barry Bonds had not already done so.
But that's another issue for another day.

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