Sunday, February 7, 2010


Hello Everybody! Ms. Waxy Dragon here.

Today is a big day for sports fans with Super Bowl 44 (XLIV for the purists in the audience), but being a lady and a baby dragon, all I can think of if you want to discuss football is that classic routine by Andy Griffith called "What It Was, Was Football". And believe it or not, it's available on YouTube at

But while there is no way I could ever dare top such a comedy classic, I do have some football related jokes to tell you lucky people!

Why did the football coach go to the bank?
He wanted his quarter back.

How do football players keep their cool during games?
They sit on benches in front of the fans!

Why can't Cinderella play football?
Because she always runs away from the ball!

Is it a compliment or an insult when your football coach calls you one of the team's greatest drawbacks?

That's it for now everybody. Enjoy the game. Save me some snacks, and we'll be back next weekend with more Sunday Funnies! -wd.

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