Saturday, February 27, 2010


*Chile suffered an 8.8 magnitude earthquake early Saturday morning. Over 100 people are confirmed dead as emergency rescue forces continue to assist those in need. Meanwhile, the tsunami (tidal wave) generated as an after effect is threatening several Pacific Ocean locales, including Hawaii.
*President Barack Obama presided over a televised summit to discuss a potential Health Care Reform Bill Thursday. It unfortunately ended in the Republicans present maintaining their party's position on the subject although the President has vowed to see some form of Health Care Reform become law during his administration.
*Nicolas Chartier, co-producer of The Hurt Locker, a contender for the 2010 Best Picture Oscar, may have gotten his film in trouble. He recently sent out an e-mail asking potential voters to consider his movie instead of "the $500 million dollar blockbuster" (James Cameron's Avatar). But the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences frowns on such campaigns. Chartier has since issued an e-mail of apology, but until the awards are presented March 7, there is no way of knowing how his actions may or may not have affected the proceedings.
*Congratulations to the Boy Scouts of America for recently celebrating their 100th anniversary!
*Over the past week, record sales have been recorded for two historical comic books. A copy of Action Comics #1 (circa June, 1938), featuring the first appearance of Superman; and Detective Comics #27 (circa May, 1939), featuring the first appearance of Batman; have both sold for over $1 million US Dollars. It should be noted that both were fairly well preserved editions in spite of their age.
*After his press conference last week, Gatorade has dropped golfer Tiger Woods as a spokesperson.
*In a new tell all book due in stores next week, Jay McGwire, brother of former Saint Louis Cardinal Mark McGwire, offers new evidence supporting the claim that the elder McGwire did indeed take illegal steroids during his professional baseball career. Mark calls the claim sensationalism just to sell books and vows to no longer speak to his younger brother.
*Former NBA superstar Michael Jordan has purchased a controlling interest in the North Carolina team the Charlotte Bobcats.
*In Mercer Island, Washington; the Yoshiva High School Girls Basketball team had to forfeit a playoff game. Officials for the school felt it best since the athletes were observing The Fast of Esther, taking no food or water. Attempts to get the game rescheduled failed, for tournament officials refused to do so on the grounds of not wanting to disrupt the playoff schedule.
*A last minute grassroots effort is active in an attempt to reverse a decision by the Canadian Team officials. Skier Brian McKeever has been pulled from the 50k marathon Sunday. But fan favorite McKeever is attempting reinstatement despite the fact he is legally blind.
*International Olympic Committee officials are looking into the possibility of sanctioning the Canadian Women's Hockey team for their performance on the ice, but not during the game itself. After their victory over the USA Women's Hockey team to win the gold medal in that event, the Canadian Women held an impromptu victory celebration in public within the rink, including smoking cigars and drinking champagne; despite the fact that at least one of their team members is under the legal drinking age in Canada.
*For those keeping score, the current medal count at the end of events Friday February 26 is as follows:
The United States leads with 8 gold medals, 13 silver, and 13 bronze. Germany is second with 9 gold, 11 silver, and 7 bronze while host country Canada has 10 gold, 7 silver, and 4 bronze.
*The games conclude Sunday night. After the closing ceremonies are performed, the Vancouver facilities will be prepared to host the 2010 Winter Paralympic Games.

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