Monday, February 8, 2010


An editorial.
It has come to the attention of The Free Choice E-zine that the state of Connecticut is considering, if not has already made a decision upon, the possibility of limiting the posting Public Notices (such as foreclosures, meetings, votes, etc.) on a central web-site instead of newspapers; presumably to save the state the advertising costs of posting said notices wherever.


Despite how much of a technological society the world is becoming, not everyone currently has access to a computer 24/7, nor stays up to date on the Internet considering it is the WORLD wide web.
It costs a state nothing to notify local TV and Radio stations, which carry such information as news.
The Free Choice E-zine supports keeping public notices in newspapers, as well as within whatever other media such notices can be placed, to keep the public informed and (hopefully) active within their local government.

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