Monday, March 1, 2010


An editorial.

So far, rescue efforts continue apace in the earthquake strickened country of Chile. Between the initial quake itself, the resulting tsunami, and the after shocks; entire villages along the Chilean coast no longer exist.
As I post this, there are over 700 confirmed deaths in that South American country. Thousands more are in need of help as relief efforts are underway.
Meanwhile, while a tsunami alert was issued for much of the Pacific Ocean countries. It was a serious threat to land masses close to Chile, there were many alerts issued and evacuations made. Those amongst the Hawaiian Islands and the coast of Japan were the most concerned, but thankfully, as the wave spread out from Chile, the danger lessened. Australia, New Zealand, and others only experienced higher than normal tides.

I'm sure in time there pleas to the world's citizens will be issued asking those who can to contribute to the current relief efforts, but at least there has been no critics claiming the earthquake to be anything other than fact.

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