Sunday, March 14, 2010


Hello Everybody! Ms. Waxy Dragon here!
Today is March 14. Or 3.14. So happy Pi Day everyone!
Personally, I love a delicious chocolate meringue pie myself, especially if it's made from dark chocolate and a rich topping!
But anyway, you have to be really smart to know the full value of Pi. That number goes on forever!
And who do I think are the smartest beings on this planet?
Think about it. They pretty much loll around all day and have their "owners" practically wait on them hand and foot! That's a neat racket the rest of the animal kingdom would love to get in on!
I know some cats that can use a computer too, although they do tend to get a bit hung up when you mention the mouse.

Now like I said, cats know where it's at.
Here's one (on the left) making sure it's first in line when it's time to make dinner!

Now cats do have other talents.
A lot of them are musically inclined. After all, don't you hear them singing at all hours of the night?
This cat on the left is learning how to play a guitar!
But being a young kitten, it does need to take more cat naps than an older feline.

But when they do rest, even the older cats just go limp and let it all hang out!

That's it for now, but join us this Wednesday for a special Saint Patrick's Day edition of The Sunday Funnies!
Until then....

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