Saturday, June 5, 2010


*Although British Petroleum has had some (limited) success in their latest efforts to cap that Gulf of Mexico oil well, the spill now reaches from Louisiana to the tip of the Florida panhandle. Environmentalists now worry about the potential of the oil spill making its way around the Florida Keys and out into the Atlantic Ocean.
*McDonalds' is recalling ALL of the Shrek Forever After promotional glasses after discovering the Chinese imports contain trace amounts of cadmium! Consumers who might already possess any of the collection are urged to return them to their local McDonalds' immediately.
*Abby Nurre was fired from her job as a math teacher at a Catholic school in Iowa the morning after joining an athiest website FROM THE 'PRIVACY' OF HER OWN HOME! The dismissal includes the attempted denial of any unemployement insurance benefits. I'm sure there is lawsuit pending.
*14 year old Anamika Veeramani won the annual Scrips Spelling Bee.
*The members of the G20 are currently discussing financial regulations and possible methods of helping debt ridden countries while looking for ways to help improve the overall global economy.

*Francesca Schiavone of Italy has won the Women's title in the 2010 French Open. The Men's title match has yet to be played.
*The Belmont Stakes, the second leg of horse racing's Triple Crown, is scheduled to be run later this afternoon.
*The Boston Celtics are playing against the Los Angeles Lakers for the NBA basketball championship.
*For those who came in late, Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga lost his bid for a perfect game Wednesday night in what umpire Jim Joyce later admitted was an erroneous call. In a move of good sportsmanship, the two have since talked over the situation and moved on. Meanwhile baseball commissioner Bud Selig has announced that he will NOT be reversing the call, although vows to look into "expanding the use of instant replay in baseball, the policies and practices of umpires, and other matters related to this incident", although whether or not this includes the threats made against Joyce and his family since Wednesday night is unknown.

*Al and Tipper Gore have decided to call it quits after 40 years of marriage. Meanwhile, Rush Limbaugh is set to marry his fourth wife this weekend.
*Actress Rue McClanahan (Maude, The Golden Girls) has passed away.

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