Saturday, October 16, 2010



And now, another installment of our regular feature, taking a more in depth look at some specific news items.

*The Social Security Administration has announced that there will be no cost of living increase in social security benefits for 2011 since inflation has not risen high enough since the 2009 cost of living increase came into effect to warrant another one.
As the 2010 Presidential mid-term elections near, some Republican candidates are hopping on this issue as a sign that the Democratic policies and practices under the Barack Obama administration are not working.
But reread the above again folks!
THE SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION itself made the decision based upon facts, not any one specific party continuing any specific political practices.
You may not agree with the decision, especially if you are on social security, but you should at least be aware of the facts.

*Democrats versus Republicans
Do we really need to go into this one again?
You have two different political parties with opposing views on everything, supporting their respective slate of candidates across the United States with the elections November 2, 2010.
The Democrats are hoping to maintain the majority within the House of Representatives and regain it within the Senate. The official breakdown at the moment is 48 Democrats, 49 Republicans, and one Independent.
The Republicans are hoping to regain the majority within both divisions of Congress, something they have not held since the days of the George W. Bush administration.
The final decision, of course, will be the voters.
The Free Choice E-zine will be looking into the political arena more starting Monday October 18 and throughout the final days leading to the election.
But ask yourself this in the meantime dear reader:
Ignoring all the rhetoric, mud slinging, and campaigning, WHICH side has actually done WHAT in hopes to benefit you more and not themselves?

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