Sunday, October 3, 2010


Well, unfortunately we were unable to get online before now due to the remnants of Tropical Storm Nichole knocking out our electrical service. The Free Choice E-zine apologizes for any inconvenience to our readers.

*Bob Dudley has succeeded Tony Hayward as the new CEO of British Petroleum.
*President Barack Obama's White House Chief of Staff Rham Emanuel has stepped down from that position in hopes of becoming the next mayor of Chicago, Illinois.
*Kim Jong-un, son of North Korea's current leader, has been appointed to two positions within The Workers' Party, a move which some pundits believe will help ease the eventual transfer of power from his father.
*Meanwhile, talks between the North and South Korean Militaries ended with no accords reached, although their governments have agreed to a plan to reunite families that were separated by the Korean War.
*The United Kingdom has declared Druids officially a religion under that realm's charity regulations.
*Pending final approval of the transaction, Southwest Airlines is scheduled to buy AirTrans Airways.

*NASA projects the new space capsule Orion to be ready for test flights by 2013.
*Astronomers have discovered twenty light years from Earth Gilese 587g, a planet similar to ours in physical form and appearance that might support life.
*China has launched the Chang'e 2, an automated lunar probe, to test developing space technology.

*The Flintstones recently celebrated their 50th anniversary while The Andy Griffith Show celebrates its now.
*Actress Gloria Stuart (Titanic), Actor Tony Curtis, and movie director Arthur Penn have passed away.

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