Thursday, October 7, 2010


For those wondering what I've been up to of late when not serving in my capacity as the Editor-In-Chief of this fine e-zine...
I have recently edited a three part comic book series for my good friend writer/creator Victoria Pagac called Raye Knight: Spellbound, with art and covers by Lou Manna.
About a young lady's coming of age who is not quite what she seems, it's available from Indy Planet for $2.50 USD per issue.

Meanwhile, the second issue of (Pro Se Presents) Peculiar Adventures is now available from Pro Se Productions.
It's full of pulse pounding pulp goodness, with stories by: Robert Butt, Ken Janssens, Megan Smith, Barry Reese, Derrick Fergeson, Tommy Hancock, and others, including the debut of my own on going series within those pages called Wylde World.
Copies are available from either (hard copy) or (e-format) with all back issues still available from both sources.
And don't miss my Pro Se editorial debut with (Pro Se Presents) Fantasy and Fear #2, coming out just in time for Halloween!

This is the end of the shameless plug (for now) and we now return you to your regularly scheduled e-zine.

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