Monday, December 20, 2010


Hello Everybody. Ms Waxy Dragon here.
My apologies for posting this week's Sunday Funnies on Monday, but my flight back from the North Pole this weekend took longer than I thought it would.
Boy, are my wings tired!
I had to stop several times along the way to rest and get de-iced.
A good hot mug of cocoa always did the job.
How Santa Claus manages to travel the whole world in just one night in a sleigh full of toys with nine (counting Rudolph) reindeer is beyond me.
Now granted, he works with the setting sun, going from east to west to buy himself some time, but still...
THAT is a long trip!
Just think, it took Phineas Fogg 80 days to do it according to Jules Verne, and that guy wasn't even stopping at every house delivering presents to all the good boys and girls around the globe either.
But why did I go to the North Pole, you ask?
Because Santa Claus thinks I've been a BAD little dragon, but I haven't!
Over the past year, a rainbow colored dragon has been raiding a lot of chocolate factories, but it wasn't this rainbow colored dragon.
Besides, I don't know how all those empty chocolate wrappers wound up in my trash cans. HONEST!
So I flew up to the North Pole, under my own power I might add, which is quite an accomplishment for a baby dragon; and pleaded my case before the jolly big guy in the red suit himself.
I hope he believed me. I believe in him.
Of course some of those chocolate factories are really mad about their goodies getting stolen.
Especially the ones that make Belgosian dark.
Hmmm.... choc-o-late....
Oh, excuse me. Anyway, come Christmas morning, I might wind up being like the kid who got batteries for Christmas with a note that said "Toy not included".
But I met Mrs. Claus while I was up there. Did you know her first name is Mary?
What? You haven't heard of Mary Christmas?
Well, that is her maiden name.
Anyway, me and Mary got along real good. I hope she puts a good word in to her husband for me. I'd hate to wind up with coal in my stocking this year. Considering where it comes from, that lump might be some long lost ancestor of mine I didn't know about!
While I was there, I also got to attend the Snowball. It was a lovely dance. Or at least all the snow people there tell me it usually is. For some reason they got mad whenever I tried to turn up the heat in auditorium.
But now I'm back and like all the other children around the world hoping that Santa visits me Christmas Eve.
Yet I know that even if I don't get any presents this year, he will still have to stop by.
I left one of my mittens at the North Pole and he has to return it.

I hope everyone has the merriest of holidays, and hopefully the next Sunday Funnies will be on time.
Take care everyone.-wd.

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