Saturday, December 4, 2010


Amongst some of the events that have happened around the world this past week:

*European Union financial ministers have been overseeing Ireland's economic recovery. While various loans/funds have been made available to avoid any immediate problems, a long term solution is still being sought.
*North Korea threatened 'all out war' if South Korea continues joint military exercises with the United States, including the possibility of using nuclear weapons. Meanwhile South Korea is still protesting the North's recent actions, including the bombing of the inhabited Yeonpyeong Island. Representative from Japan and South Korea will meet in Washington DC to discuss the matter.
*Despite being attacked by a computer hacker and warned it will be endangering lives by doing so, WikiLeaks has released more 'classified/secret' documents. Amongst the leaked material: China allegedly considers North Korea a 'spoiled child' and acknowledges reunification efforts of the two sides under South Korean rule are 'gaining ground'; a previously unknown friendship between the prime ministers of Italy and Russia; and United States diplomats were allegedly ordered to spy during their various assignments if such actions could be safely conducted. Meanwhile, fallout from these new releases include Amazon cutting off all customer access to WikiLeaks, the website having to switch servers due to 'cyberwarfare', and a look into possible legal action against the organization.
*Nissan has started selling "The Leaf", its first mass market electric car.

*Actor Leslie Nielsen (Forbidden Planet, Airplane! The Naked Gun) has passed away at age 84.
*Director Irvin Kershner passed away at age 87.

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