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The following is the latest installment of an occasional feature that takes a closer look at some of the things that have happened around the world this past week when necessary.

*Presented without comment: there is a very interesting article here about the money some candidates spent in the last election versus the actual results.

*Meanwhile, the state of California is struggling to overcome a serious (Six BILLION dollars!) budget deficit, yet it continues to buy/lease transportation for its legislature!

The Free Choice E-zine's comment:
Most people have to provide/find their own transportation to work and are happy just to get an assigned parking space! At best we consider ourselves lucky to find a parking space close to the building on bad weather days.
Obviously they should cancel the program and sell the vehicles immediately. Such actions won't totally resolve their budget crisis, but it won't hurt the problem either.
You can read more about this here:

*The outgoing Congress is currently arguing over whether or not to extend tax credits. The Republicans swear that unless the Bush Administration cuts to the rich are extended, they will take no action on anything, which risks not only any other business before Congress between now and January 2011, but would end the current tax cuts to the middle class December 31 if they are not extended.
Now obviously the Republicans do not speak for everybody, especially this group:

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