Wednesday, March 2, 2011


The following is an editorial.
In these current times of economic problems; individuals, companies, even cities and countries, have had to start tightening their proverbial belts and cut costs wherever possible.
We have all heard tales of woe and even some stories of civil unrest at various points around the globe.

The current conflict within Wisconsin, USA is just a sign of the times.
There, Republican Governor Scott Walker made an offer to the state unions, which they promptly rejected because part of the proposal would have done away with collective bargaining. If the unions had accepted Governor Walker's plan, they would have lost all rights to negotiate in the future. The state could offer anything it wanted to on future contract renewals and that was it. Take it or leave.

Now employees' union ARE aware of what is going on in the world and ARE willing to talk with their potential employers.
But to totally remove the discussion option from any agreement sat so badly with the people, a recent poll of Wisconsin voters now wish they never elected Scott Walker governor, and it will be a major miracle if he ever wins another election.

While the 'no bargaining' measure passed practically unanimously in the all Republican Wisconsin State House of Representatives, the 14 Democrats in the minority of the Wisconsin Senate have fled the state and are currently in exile to keep the measure from coming up for a vote there.
Protests are still ongoing, although those against Walker's plan are no longer allowed inside the Wisconsin capitol!
But although many eyes are turned to see how the Wisconsin situation plays out, there ARE signs of positive economic recovery on the horizon!

Under Mayor Kasim Reed, the city of Atlanta, Georgia in the southern part of the United States has managed to cut its operating budget while not only maintaining existing city services, it has even improved them!

Makes one stop and take notice, doesn't it?

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