Thursday, March 10, 2011



While it should come as no surprise to anyone who has been following events there, the Republicans within the Wisconsin State Senate went ahead and voted on a modified version of Governor Scott Walker's proposed budget WITHOUT their Democratic brethren present.
The new measure, which only eliminates the collective bargaining option that the state unions USED TO have and did NOT address the state's actual budget issues, passed unanimously amongst them.
Needless to say that even without the current protests that have arisen since the news first became public knowledge, this does not sit well amongst those affected by the state's actions.
Granted, even if the 14 member Democratic minority of the Wisconsin State Senate had ended their walkout and were present to vote, the outcome sadly/probably would have remained the same.
Yet because those 14 Senators WERE NOT present, is this legal?
We of this humble website personally do not think it should be, although we also freely admit that the final decision on this belongs to the courts.

The Free Choice E-zine will keep an eye on events there.

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