Saturday, March 5, 2011



This is the lastest in our longstanding series NEWS THAT MAKES YOU THINK, where The Free Choice E-zine focuses upon specific news stories for more coverage.
And the items in this installment have a specific theme, as indicated by the title of this post.

*Protests continue in Wisconsin, USA over Governor Scott Walker's proposed contract with the state unions that would end collective bargaining. Meanwhile, the Republican controlled Senate has issued arrest warrants and passed a measure to start fining their missing Democratic members $100 US Dollars a day until they return to create the quorum necessary to vote on Walker's proposed contract.

The Free Choice E-zine has already posted one specific article on current events in the state of Wisconsin ("Budget Woes") and has been keeping a close eye on events there.
But here's what we would like to know:
If the 14 Wisconsin Sentorial Democrats fled to keep Governor Walker's proposed contract from coming to a vote, HOW can the remaining Republicans have a quorum to LEGALLY issue arrest warrants, let alone start imposing fines upon their missing members?

*US Congressional Republicans have submitted a bill to remove the Environmental Protection Agency's authority to regulate pollution emissions!

Now as everyone knows, coming up with an idea and submitting a proposal is a long way off from actually having it become law, but with all due respect to the members of that august organization behind the proposal, The Free Choice E-zine has to humbly ask one question:

The staff and management of this website, along with the majority of Americans in this country and just about every citizen of the world, happen to like breathing, and prefer to have our air as fresh and clean as humanly possible.
We sincerely hope that not only does this bill fail to gain any support and become official, but that everyone involved with this STUPID IDEA fails to win their next reelection bid and never serves in a public office again!

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