Thursday, March 24, 2011


The Free Choice E-zine has just been informed that apparently the social website FACEBOOK has allegedly been affected by a virus of unknown origin.
Reports are coming in that all you have to do is go to the site's homepage and you are automatically targeted!
The staff and management of this website sincerely hope that this report is in error, but we are not in a position to risk our own computers and verify the reports first hand for ourselves.
IF this news item is in error, The Free Choice E-zine will gladly retract this story and most sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused on our part.
Otherwise, remember...
We did try to warn you.

We of The Free Choice E-zine are still receiving conflicting reports as to whether or not what we reported yesterday is accurate.
Some have thanked us for the warning and others compare us to the boy who cried wolf. To the latter, we point out that the child was right once, although by then no one would listen to him.
The fact of the matter is that, as stated yesterday, we are not in a (financial) position to risk our own computers to find out first hand. We depend upon these terminals not only for our personal enjoyment, but our professional livelihoods as well.
Those that swear the report is true all claim the same thing: that the incident(s) happened on Facebook's home page BEFORE they logged in, and have nothing to do with a previous virus that involved either watching a video or being tagged in a photo on the social website.
To overcome being exposed and able to use your computer again involves a complete wipe/cleaning/reformatting of the unit and fully reinstalling your Operating System!
Please note that this a software/virus issue and not a hardware problem. Professional technicians hired by private users to repair their systems have been charging three digit fees for their services.

The Free Choice E-zine sincerely hopes that whatever the situation is will be cleared up soon and does not wish Facebook any ill will, for we have accounts and friends on that site too!

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