Wednesday, March 9, 2011


With a safe landing just before Noon, Eastern Standard Time today, the Space Shuttle Discovery completed its 39th and last mission. While the Endeavor and Atlantis shuttles have yet to take off on their final missions, NASA is discontinuing the shuttle program between government budget cuts and the hopes of building a new vehicle, spurred by the possibility of resuming missions to the moon as a first step in building a permanent base there.
One tradition astronauts have enjoyed since the first trip to the moon has been the morning wake up call.
Over the years, this ritual has been spotlighted by various pieces of music and guest performances by celebrities and dignitaries alike.
The following video of William Shatner's prerecorded wake up call that was sent to the shuttle Discovery March 8th is making the rounds on the Internet.
While it has yet to go viral, it definitely sums up the feelings of many supporters of the space program.
Enjoy the clip, courtesy of You Tube.

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